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        Home >> Compay introductionCompay introduction

        Shanghai Ji Jing Trading & Developing Co.,Ltd was founded in 2001, and is a professi-
        onal agent for oversea fine chemicals, business covers the industries of paint, printing ink, composite and adhesive, etc. The company is focused on introducing and promoting upd-
        ated oversea product, technology & knowledge, which have greatly contributed to the dev-
        elopment, creation & internationalization of local companies. Ji Jing has been closely co-operating with famous oversea chemical companies, and bringing the updated product & technology into Chinese market, obtained extensive success and recognition. Now, Shang-
        hai Ji Jing Trading & Developing Co.,Ltd does not only have facility in Shanghai, but also have branch office in Tianjin, and warehouse in Guangdong area, can provide top-notched and timely service to the customer in different areas.

         " Honesty & trust, mutual development, win-win co-operation" is the base of service of Ji Jing, through this, Ji Jing has got trust & respect from many local customers, as w-
        ell as the recognition of oversea suppliers. Ji Jing has provided stable & qualified service to the customers including China factories of international companies, famous local com-
        panies, national institute and their projects for a long time. We sincerely hope the friends of various industries to contact with us, give us opportunities, we will try our best to pro-
        vide superior product, updated technology and qualified service as the return

        Chem-Sol S.A.R.L (Wax emulsion, water based was dispersion additives)
        FedChem LLC (Organic aluminum ink gellants, water repellent, zicro-aluminum coupling agent)
        Hoover Color Corp. (Umber siennas, iron oxide)
        Plasticolors (Pigment Dispersion)
        Reichhold Inc. (Coating, ink toner resins)
        Silberline Inc. (Aluminum pigment)
        Add:   Rm.208, Tianke International Mansion, No.1090, Ping-
        liang Rd.Shanghai China
        Zip Code:   200090
        Tel:   86-21-55960210, 55960207, 63610250, 63610252
        Fax:   86-21-63229200
        E-mail:   contact@shjjtrading.com
        Website:   http://www.salonmijangos.com